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partner in PCOS.

Allara is the first end-to-end, customized care program for PCOS, designed with you in mind.

Am I eligbile?

Allara’s virtual care program is different:

Allara delivers all of your care needs in one convenient subscription, starting at $99 per month:

30 minute video visits with a doctor specializing in PCOS

What’s Included

Video visits with your Registered Dietitian

Advanced diagnostic testing*

24/7 texting with your Registered Dietitian

* Lab tests and prescription medications are not included in the membership cost, but we'll work with your commercial/employer insurance to get them covered.

Prescriptions as needed*

Access to a private community of Allara members

A personalized plan created for you by your care team

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How it works

You’ll be paired with both a medical provider and a registered dietitian. Each will review your history, give you a detailed evaluation over video call, and order blood tests, and diagnostics as needed.

From medication prescriptions to meal plans —get everything you need in one place. You’ll begin your treatment plan confidently with your dedicated care team.

You’ll have 24/7 access to your team, check ins, and nutritional counseling at your fingertips.

Meet your doctor.

Start your personalized plan.

Get continuous, thoughtful care

Our team is committed to you. Just send us an email at!

Dr. Heather Gibson Huddleston, MD

Allara Medical Advisor, Reproductive Endocrinologist
Director, UCSF PCOS Clinic

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"The goal in working with Allara and its medical specialists is to make PCOS more manageable for women and to be a holistic partner throughout a woman's wellness journey. 

With Allara, women can be confident that their treatment plans are the result of true cooperation and partnership among some of the most well-respected specialists in the field of women's healthcare."

Who are the experts on the Allara platform?

All of the physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered dietitians on the Allara platform are U.S. licensed healthcare professionals. Each practitioner undergoes an extensive background check and license verification process. 

They have also undergone extensive training in women’s health. We screen all of our practitioners for a good bedside manner that emanates empathy, dignity, and respect, which we know is extremely important to our patients. Allara Medical Group's-affiliated physician practices are independently owned and operated by licensed physicians who provide services using the Allara's telehealth platform. For more information about the relationship between Allara and the medical practices click here.

Does Allara accept HSA/FSA Cards?

Yes! We accept HSA/FSA cards

We don’t take insurance for the membership cost yet, but we will work with your commercial/employer insurance to get your labs and medication covered. We also accept HSA/FSA cards.

Does Allara accept insurance?

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"Having a support system behind you definitely makes managing PCOS feel so much less difficult. Allara is changing the game for PCOS and women’s health altogether by offering help I couldn’t get otherwise all in one place."

- Briana O.

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Am I Eligible?Am I Eligible?Am I eligible?

My provider has been absolutely wonderful! It was so helpful to talk to my dietitian and work out a plan that works for me that doesn't include restricting foods. I've already noticed a difference in how I feel and look. 

- Brittany S.

"Allara’s experts have helped me prioritize my health in a truly holistic way. From nutrition and exercise goals to making sense of lab results and knowing which conversations to have with my doctors, I have more information and tools to thrive despite PCOS."

- Perri O.